Skinny Starbucks Drinks (that aren't "skinny")

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

What girl doesn't love their Starbucks? Whether its one of those push-the-snooze-button-five-times kind of mornings, or if you like a little afternoon pick me up like myself during a long school day, these drinks will not throw you off your healthy life path.

I used to be a "skinny vanilla latte" kind of girl myself, but honestly with more research into those chemically artificial syrups (bleh) I decided that I didn't want to have to sacrifice my health for a few cut calories. What's a girl to do? Well, I started testing out new drinks, and after a few little mishaps, I found a couple of keepers!

#1 Venti Iced Green Tea (with no syrup)
This super refreshing cold beverage is a whopping 0 calories! With a little kick of caffeine coming from the green tea it is my perfect afternoon treat for a warm day (however I will admit that I am guilty of having one in the dead of winter, no judgement). Green tea has a bunch of health benefits for you including cancer fighting antioxidants, oh and it increases your metabolism- win! If you did want to get it with the syrup, I would go half on the sweetness or simply add your own natural form of sugar. I personally think it is perfect on its own.

#2 Tall Non-fat Cafe Misto with 1 pump vanilla
If you love coffee, this is a great drink for you. Half coffee- half steamed nonfat milk, 60 calories, its also cheaper than your standard latte. I like to cut the bitterness of coffee a little, so I add a pump of vanilla syrup (at 20 calories a pop) for a total of 80 calories for this drink. Definitely not breaking the bank here, its warm and delicious! An Americano misto would also be a great alternative, with espresso shots instead of the coffee.

Let me know what your favourite Starbucks drinks are. I have heard in the summertime they make a peach green tea- yummmm!