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Friday, 11 July 2014

Left: Angled Stippling Brush| Right: Round Buffer Brush

When Makeup Geek launched their line of blushes I was so excited that I placed an order for 4 of the blushes. I had pretty high expectations for these blushes since their eyeshadows are so pigmented, blendable, creamy and beautiful! I use their shadows every single day (literally that is not a joke) and I recommend them to anyone who has the time to listen. I just think they are so incredible and the price point makes them a serious steal. I had watched video reviews and read blog posts raving about the blushes so when they came in the mail I was ready to give my 2 cents on these. I did take a couple of days to try on the shades and play around with them. 

My first thoughts on the product were about the size actually, I was quite surprised that they were smaller than MAC blush pans, especially since their eyeshadows are larger than MACs (they are normally compared to MAC in terms of look and quality). So that is one thing to be aware of. 

When I swatched them they did come off quite nicely. I want to talk about these in pairs. Two of them are lighter and on the peachier side, and two of them are on the darker pink side so I will talk about them separately. Lets start with the lighter peaches. 

Bliss is a light matte peach shade, I love warm blushes in the summer and I had heard really good things about this one. Sadly it just did not live up to my expectations. It just does not show up on my cheeks! I have to keep piling the stuff on, first I thought it was my brush so I switched to a denser one but that still didn't apply enough colour for me. I have to go on with about 3 coats for it to show up which honestly is a lot of work for blush. I had the same issue with Romance which is a beautiful peachy rosey shimmery shade. The shimmer showed up on me no problem but the colour did not, and packing on more colour in this case meant packing on more shimmer so I tend to have to use these blushes layered with other blushes I own. 

As for the darker blushes, I loved them! Hanky Panky is a sort of cool toned medium pink shade that looks really pretty with any look. I found that it blended pretty well with my fluffy real techniques blush brush and it was very pigmented. Love affair I have to be more careful with as it is more pigmented and darker, it is a hot warm pink and looks really pretty applied with a light hand. It also blended well for me applied with a fluffy brush. 

Now lets talk brushes. I had heard a lot of good things about the brushes from beauty gurus out there and I am kind of a brush collector/hoarder. I picked up the Face Buffer and the Angled Stippling brushes, they are around 16 bucks. The quality of these is really nice. They are a little smaller than I thought they would be, but I like that the bristles are super soft and it is quite dense. The angled brush is perfect for cream contouring, it is small and fits in perfectly to the hollows of the cheeks. I also like it for concealer under the eyes. The Face Buffer is really nice, I like it because I don't find that it wipes away any of the foundation as I blend, it really keeps the coverage on and buffs it out nicely. For negatives, if any I would say that they are bordering on too soft, sometimes I like my brushes to be slightly stiff so that I can really place colour but honestly that is being quite picky. 

Overall I have to say I am a little let down only because I like blush lines that I can really count on all of the shades having the same quality. I think this is kind of a hit or miss, maybe the light shades would show up better on a lighter skin tone but honestly my skin tone is about an NC30 in MAC terms so I am not very dark. I think you should do your research if you're going to pick one of these up so that you don't end up with a blush that doesn't live up to your expectations. The darker shades are quite nice, but I wish that the lighter shades had more pigment. As for blending they are quite good in my opinion but not as good as MAC. If you have ever tried Sleek Blushes, these are very similar! 

This was a little bit surprising for me since I find the quality of their eyeshadows to be just as good if not better than MAC's in some shades. I do still love Makeup Geek, they are a great reasonably priced brand, I think if you pick up one of the darker shades you will be happy! 


  1. It's a shame these weren't what you'd hoped for! I've never tried them but 'bliss' looked so promising! x

    1. I really wanted them to be amazing!! Its too bad the colours are beautiful and the price is great! At least some of the shades worked!! Thank you so much for all of your comments!

  2. Aw I'm sorry they don't all show up well on you skintone! I think they'd mostly work on me. I love the shades though, in terms of color they look beautiful!

    1. Thank you Sharlynn you are so sweet. The shades are beautiful! I gave the two light ones to my sister who has a lighter skintone than I have so hopefully she will get good use out of them. I am getting some great wear out of the darker shades though!! xx Jenna


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